Two South Korean Individuals Arrested for Secretly Filming Hotel Guests

The event has sparked a public outcry, as South Korea is facing an epidemic of such ungainly activities

In 2017, the women of Seoul took to the streets to wage a protest against a phenomenon called ‘Molka’, which was slowly beginning to engulf the country. ‘Molka’, is the Korean term for filming a woman without their consent, mostly during private moments. While the nation has its guard up against such perpetrators, two South Korean males, have been arrested for installing spay cameras, which recorded over 1600 guests, and live streamed the feed onto a paid platform, operated by the men themselves. Two other individuals are being questioned for the same.

In 2017, 6,470 cases of ‘Molka’ were reported, which sparked the public outrage. However, all the protests and the attempts of public authorities to curb the epidemic, was of little to no use. Reports state that the arrested men, used spy cameras with 1mm lens, disguised in common objects such as wall sockets, in over 42 rooms, in 30 hotels. They operated in more than 10 cities, which the authorities know of.

They proceeded to live stream the video feed, to a portal they owned, which had over 4000 members. The website even offered premium membership and the members were charged a monthly fee of US$ 45 to avail this service. The police report also states that the hotels in which the accused were running the scam, were actually compliant of their activities, and even helped them with it. The men have accrued over US$ 6,200 from these activities. They have been charged with a fine of US$ 26,000 and can face up to five years in prison. The incident is a reflection of the sorry state of affairs, in an otherwise prosperous country.