Travelling Backpack Doubles As Regular Bag and Multi-Compartment Organizer

Travelling Backpack Doubles As Regular Bag and Multi-Compartment Organizer

Halton, a luggage designing and manufacturing startup, has introduced a novel bag pack that serves the function of a regular travelling bag, and a multi-compartment organizer.

As opposed to a single compartment carryall which doesn’t always allow travelers an easy access to its contents, Halton’s new bag pack, dubbed ‘Swiss Army Knife Backpack’, is specifically designed to provide users an easy-to-use, multi-purpose backpack while on the move. According to the creators, the minimal design was planned with commuters in mind; ideal for quick, weekend getaways and an assurance of a stress-free travelling experience.

According to Bentley Wilson, co-founder of Halton, “When traveling with a backpack, it’s nearly impossible to find your keys, wallet, phone, or any other of your important items when you need them. With the Halton Commuter backpack, you can unzip your bag entirely to reveal all its contents that are neatly organized into one of 17 compartments.”

The backpack which is currently available on Kickstarter comes with the ability to be fully opened up which makes to easier to pack, and can transform into a multiple compartment hanger when it is unzipped. The Commuter Backpack comes with a waterproof canvas, a storage capacity of 25 liters, 17 compartments, a full-length, single zip, compression straps, and RFID safe pocket among several other accessories. “Whether the journey is around the corner or planes and trains away, this bag can seamlessly adapt to a variety of uses,” Bentley Wilson says. “It allows for easy access on-the-go, giving travelers the ability to pack quickly and with the confidence knowing that they have everything they need, packed in its perfect place.”