Toyota to Offer Free Access to Electric Vehicles Patents

The company will also offer technical support and guidance to interested parties on different issues regarding electric vehicles.

In an effort to promote electric vehicles, the Japanese automotive giant Toyota is offering Royalty-free access to nearly 24000 patents. Almost five years ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk allowed royalty-free access to Tesla’s patents and now with Toyota’s move development and production of electric vehicles will speed-up in the near future. Furthermore, Toyota will offer fee-based technical support to other manufacturers to sell and develop electrified vehicles when they use Toyota’s batteries, control ECUs. PCUs etc.

The research and development for electric vehicles are tremendously expensive and Toyota is willing to grant royalty-free access to its 24000 patents related to electric vehicle technologies. These patents are connected to hybrid electric cars which also include patents for systems and parts. These parts are crucial in developing plug-in hybrid vehicle and hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota will be offering the patents developed over the course of 20 years from the immediate moment and will last till the end of 2030. It includes 2,020 patents regarding power control units, 2600 electric motor patents, 7550 for system control, 2200 for chargers, 1320 for engine transaxles, and 2380 for the fuel cell.

The contracts for the grants will be issued by the company, after discussing likening terms and conditions. On the contrary for fee-based technical support, it will include overviews of control guides, vehicle electrification systems, and detailed explanation of tuning guides. Moreover, Toyota will guide other manufacturers to achieve high-level products in terms of fuel efficiency and quietness of the vehicle. One thing should be noted that these services will be contract-based. Toyota’s decision has been lauded in the automotive industry as it will accelerate the production of electric cars.