Tombot Robotic Puppy Promises Companionship And Unconditional Love

Tombot creators designed a robotic puppy with never ending batteries that promises love and affection to the lonely, frustrated and aggressive people.

The golden retriever designed by Tombot can bark, wag tail and respond to stimuli thus providing unconditional love and support to people suffering from dementia, emotional loss, apathy, frustration, anxiety, aggression, depression, hallucinations and loneliness. The creators of the robotic puppy wanted to the robot to resemble an actual puppy to give the owners the feel of real emotions.

These robots were especially created for patients suffering from certain disorder and old-aged people who lack love and affection in their daily lives. Certain studies have shown that robotic pets such as Paro (a seal) helps in reducing anxiety related problems. People claim that it is next to impossible to develop an emotional bond with robots however, Aibo dog designed by Sony contradicts the statement. These Tombot puppies are quite affordable than the Sony featured robots which cost around US$ 2, 899 and the Lovot which is priced US$3, 000. Early backers can receive the puppies at US$299 whereas when the robotic puppies will be officially launched in August 2020, its price will shoot up to US$ 500.

Studies have shown that animal robotic companions can reduce dementia and need to take plenty of medicines concerning psychotic treatment. The professionally designed robots resemble the actual dogs making it difficult to spot differences. The robots are touch interactive and are programmed with the concept of responding when touched at a certain location. It is fitted with voice recognition system which enables the robot to listen and respond accordingly. The battery of the puppy lasts the entire day and can be used the next day by easily charging overnight. One can also accessorize the puppy with puppy clothes, belts and collars.