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Swiggy Launched Sustainable Food Packing Programme


Recent efforts by food delivering service are focused on marketplace for restaurant partners to access a variety of packing solutions suitable for their menu requirements.

India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy launched partner-focused initiative, Swiggy Packaging Assist. Since recent past after plastic ban, packaging material for food has faced challenges such as high cost, limited availability, and usage and quality-related complaints from consumers. Swiggy considered this challenge, as it has over 40,000 restaurants on the platform. This initiative enables its restaurant partners to be aware of eco-friendly options and have seamless access to them. The Swiggy marketplace listed around 30 products across eco-friendly and food-grade-certified materials, which include breakthrough packaging suitable for various functions – leak-proof, sturdy, stackable, eco-friendly and heat-insulant.

The company stated that it was its responsibility to enable the restaurant ecosystem to offer customers a great ordering experience while giving partners access to more sustainable packaging solutions. Materials such as paper and aluminum can be completely recycled and have gone through rigorous checks to ensure quality and spill-free delivery. Furthermore, the company is planning to introduce eco-friendly meal trays and other items made of materials such as cornstarch and bagasse. The company is working with various consultants and manufacturers to develop innovative design. The programme has been rolled out to partners in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune, and will make it accessible to the rest of the cities within the next three months.

Commenting on the launch, Srivats T S, vice-president, marketing, Swiggy, said, “With a common objective of delivering a delightful experience to consumers every time, we have been working with our restaurant partners to understand their challenges when it comes to suitable packaging solutions.” “With Swiggy Packaging Assist, we will enable restaurants to package their dishes using the most innovative solutions, so that the food can be consumed with convenience and leftovers disposed without any hassles,” he added.