Scribd Unveiled Novel Original Content For Subscribers

The digital reading platform is all set to launch its new program known as Scribd Originals, experimenting work of authors which will be exclusively available for subscribers.

Scribd, the digital reading platform on April 3, 2019, announced its novel program called the Scribd Originals to provide the readers with exclusive work of talented authors. The program experiments with publishing works of known authors including Roxane Gay, Peter Heller, Hilton Als, Paul Theroux, Mark Seal and Garrett Graff. These originals will vary from genre to genre which will provide an amazing experience to avid readers who are willing to explore various fields across reading service.

The exclusive content will be in the form of full length books and magazines which fail to grasp significance in the conventional publishing market. The content can be accessed via e-books and audio format both. Trip Adler, the CEO of Scribd stated, “We’re expanding the limits of what a reading subscription service can be and thinking creatively about the limitless possibilities of a digital reading experience.” The main objective of the platform is to work with authors without any barriers and help the readers connect with the stories. This initiative also allows the authors to achieve a platform to share their hard work with the readers and giving time to their content to blossom.

The platform’s first Scribd original has launched Garrett Graff’s “Mueller’s War”. The author is known for his amazing works such as “The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War”. In addition to this author, the company has claimed that it has signed with bestselling authors including Paul Theroux, Roxane Gay, Mark Seal, Hilton Als, and Peter Heller. The reading platform offers unlimited books at US$ 8.99 per month allowing the readers explore different genres and connect with the authors.