Scientists Created Shapeshifting Robotic Dragon in Japan

Scientists Created Shapeshifting Robotic Dragon in Japan

Researchers from the University of Tokyo developed ‘dragon robot’ that is made from several small drones, used for surveillance.

The new dragon robot is unique as it can change shape and can turn into a square or snake, to perform task as navigation or surveillance of any area. The design of the dragon robot was inspired by traditional dragon kites, which have a series of smaller kites that are neatly interlinked.

The unique feature of the flying robot is that it is capable of shifting its shape or shape-shift while on air. It can automatically adjust according to the availability of space that it needs to navigate. The researchers demonstrated the different shape that the flying dragon can form including shape of a snake, a square, a straight line, a zigzag line, and so on.

The team named the robot, ‘Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-freedom aerial transformatiON’, and chose the acronym DRAGON. The robotic device is made of linked modules, which is driven by an Intel Euclid and powered by battery pack. The device is capable of transforming into twelve modules.

The researchers are working to improve the agility and enhance the flying robot. Researchers at JSK lab of University of Tokyo, say, “We are planning on designing a multi-legged version that can not only fly but also walk on the ground.” We hope that the flying dragon could be used as a flying arm to perform work that are critical or affects human safety in the near future.