Romania’s Opposition Party Wants Ban on Huawei 5G Network Operations

Romania’s Opposition Party Wants Ban on Huawei 5G Network Operations

The Chinese telecom company may have to put a halt on 5G infrastructure construction, opposition worried about security issues

Phone maker and telecommunications company, Huawei, continues to run into trouble in foreign countries as a public enquiry has been filed against them in Romania, backed by the largest opposition party in the country. The company was all set to commence operations to build 5G infrastructure for the Romanians, however the opposition party echoed the thoughts of several other governments in raising privacy and security concerns about the Chinese firm.

Countries like the US and Australia have already imposed a ban on the Chinese phone maker. These bans came under the citing that Huawei could possibly have “back doors” in their networks, acting as a cyber-spy for the Chinese government, a claim which Huawei has denied repeatedly. Washington has already expressed concern at central European NATO allies of US allowing the company to commence operations on their soil, and are vary of Huawei’s presence in countries like Hungary and Poland.

Another issue that has raised concern among nationals, is a memorandum signed in 2013. The opposition, National Liberal’s Party (PNL), has unearthed the memo in which, the then telecommunications minister offered Huawei to indulge in activities such as construction of the national information and communications system, traffic monitoring, and other web based projects of the government. However, there has been no confirmation if the work progressed as mentioned or not.

“We need to protect our strategic interests and there’s a lot of suspicion lingering around, it’s crucially urgent to block any public deals, contracts, tenders with the Chinese company.” said Pavel Popescu, the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) representative.

It has been reported that the Romanian government plans to release tenders for 5G licensing later this year. While Huawei remains a leading player in the global telecom market, their Romania plans may take a backseat amidst espionage concerns.