Model Y To Test Tesla’s Popularity

Model Y To Test Tesla’s Popularity

A compact SUV lightly resembles the Model 3 but likely to test the market for American automotive company.

The automotive energy company based in California, to unveil its Model Y on March 14, 2019, at a grand event in Los Angeles. The novel electric car is the fifth car since the company was established in 2003. The model shares seventy fiver percent of specifications with the Tesla’s Model 3. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla asserts that the novel model will be ten percent massive and cost ten percent more than the former.

Tesla will announce more specifications and pricing policy at the event that will be held at the company’s design studio. Musk notified that the vehicle will not have “Falcon Wing” doors that the former models had, however, at an interview he previously claimed the vehicle to be fitted with conventional doors. The company will offer test rides for customers to enjoy the luxury and feel of the new design. This clearly means that Tesla has completed pre-production of a few cars. The company claimed to manufacture the Model Y at the Gigafactory which is situated outside Reno, Nevada.

Tesla leaked one teaser image of the electric car pointing a simple black-and white silhouette however, the vehicle will not be as simple as it is being depicted on the picture since the founder has been talking about the innovation for years now. Elon Musk also kept stating in press conferences about how the Model 3 is closely linked to the Model Y.  Chinese outlets have estimated that Tesla will unveil its new rumored car at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.