iOS Microsoft Outlook Features New Design with Custom Swipe Actions

iOS Microsoft Outlook Features New Design with Custom Swipe Actions

Outlook for iOS received a new update that brings along new design, deeper calendar integration, and custom swipe actions

Microsoft’s Outlook received a new iOS update that features new design for all iPhone and iPad users. The app gets a new interface, most notable being the addition of the blue bar on the top, and new features include custom swipe actions, deeper integration of the calendar, and more. Although the Redmond-giant is also working a dark mode for the Outlook iOS app, that feature will not be available with the latest update.

Outlook for iOS has been updated to version 3.8.1, and the changelog does not provide enough information regarding changes. The update includes performance improvements and bug fixes. However, Head of Product, Michael Palermiti confirms that the update will feature new design to polish the overall experience. Removing the all-white design on the iOS app, the distinct blue bar on top matches with what has been on the Android app since a long time, bringing uniformity across platforms.

Once user updates new version, Outlook will prompt user to setup custom swipes allowing user to decide trigger actions. Furthermore, it includes avatars for easy identification of mail. Calendar has been more deeply integrated into Outlook, with mail invites having an calendar inline view, which allows user to know if there any other commitments on the day. Moreover, it allows user to accept the invite and add it as a reminder for the future. The search bar in Outlook includes recent people and queries as well and user can update the Outlook for iOS app via the App Store.