Google to Reportedly Develop AI-Powered Fitness Coach for WearOS

Google to Reportedly Develop AI-Powered Fitness Coach for WearOS

Google is reported to be developing an AI-powered fitness coach for WearOS, as an effort to revitalize the platform

Tracking fitness is the major factor for high demand and increasing adoption of smartwatches across the globe. Major market players are focused on introducing advanced technologies in wearable devices in order to retain leading position in market. The Apple Watch, which is major competitor of WearOS’ introduced some smart features with regards to fitness. Among the most impressive is the ability to tap some gym equipment to bring up the relevant info and tracking for that specific machine. Although Google’s fitness ambitions for its smartwatch platform have been a bit more simplistic, that could be about to change.

According to the Android Police reports, health app called Google Coach is under development. Google Coach will be using AI to deliver proactive health and fitness advice throughout a day customized for the individual. If user missed your gym session, it could offer some alternative exercises to get in at a convenient time based around your calendar appointments. Furthermore, the assistant will be offering health suggestions apart from fitness such as tracking daily nutrition. If user has consumed lot of junk on a particular day, the app may try to sway user away from that cheeseburger in favor of healthier items on the menu.

Furthermore, it is reported that actionable insights will be delivered through standard notifications. AI will try and consolidate these into messages that prevent the user from being overwhelmed. Moreover, while the Google Coach will be primarily WearOS focused, it will also have a smartphone companion app and some functionality is expected on Google Home speakers.