FDA Estimates Risk Of Seizers Due To Vaping

The Food and Drug Administration investigates the link between e-cigarettes and seizers concerning young adults.

The FDA on April 3, 2019, issued an important announcement regarding a new health risk called seizers caused due to e-cigarette use. Seizers are side effects of taking in the toxic levels of nicotine which have also been mentioned in the scientific literature. The Food and Drug Administration collected data from the Safety Reporting Portal, which is a platform where the e-cigarette users share their experiences.

According to the portal, there were thirty five reports regarding seizers calculated between the years 2010 to 2019, which may be related to vaping. The reports involved a majority of adolescents and young adults. However, the federal agency has not yet figured out the clear link between vaping and seizers. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner stated, “We know that nicotine poisoning can cause seizures, like when people swallow vape juice.” Some of the seizers can be unconnected while the others can be caused due to massive intake of nicotine. This uncertainty is stemmed to the fact that seizers can be caused due to abnormal electrical activity in the human brain, which results in prolonged staring activity. This is not related to long-term damage however researchers are working to find if these seizers are actually related to vaping.

To sum up, the reports have not been very clear. There are instances where in people reported seizers after the first time they tried vaping, whereas there are instances when people experienced such side effects after vaping for prolonged durations. Certain people suggested seizers without even trying e-cigarettes while other suggest it due to intake of cannabis. Tus, it is very uncertain and difficult to claim the e-cigarettes are the main cause of seizers.