Dutch Firm Designs Motorized, Solar-Powered Floating Homes

Dutch Firm Designs Motorized, Solar-Powered Floating Homes

An architectural firm has created a series of solar-powered motorized houseboat designs that will be able to cruise the lakes or rivers in its vicinity.

+31Architects, a Dutch firm is collaborating with German manufacturer WSM Die Wohnschiff-Manufaktur to unveil the first prototypes of their solar-powered floating homes, which will come with the added ability to cruise the surrounding lake or river. +31Architects said that there is a growing demand for a floating home which would allow inhabitants to cruise the waters from the comfort of their living room. Jorrit Houwert, architect at +31Architects said, “We wanted to create a modern houseboat that is at the same time a ship that distinguished itself by its natural appearance. We are proud that were able to create a slender monolithic shape, where the hull seamlessly changes into the roof, combined with its big windows and the natural wooden look.”

The houseboat designs, namely Naturecruiser and Waterloft, will have a streamlined facade with rounded curves, wooden furnishing and an aluminum hull to provide the vessel protection. According to designers, solar panels and solar collectors fitted on the roofs will have the capability to generate enough energy to keep the vessel fully sustained while it is moored. “We believe that living on water could be a next step to combine areas which are under pressure from flooding into retention areas by managing it into live-able living areas without leaving a scar on the natural environment,” Jorrit Houwert said. “We have plans for more next-level designs, coming up with ways to live a sustainable life on water in an ecological way.”

The completion of the first prototypes of the Naturecrusiser and Waterloft is projected for the end of 2019.