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Dog Foods Loaded with High Level of Bacteria

Dog Foods Loaded with High Level of Bacteria

A study conducted in Europe found that raw-meat dog food contained Enterobacteriaceae species, which might pose high risk to dog owners.

The researchers studied the samples of dog food from various manufacturers across Europe. They collected around 60 samples of raw-meat dog food from manufacturers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, and England.

The team examined the samples and found that Enterobacteriaceae species were present in all the collected samples. Out of the 60 samples, more than half around 51 percent of the samples were found to be contaminated with high concentration of bacteria, exceeding the set mark by regulatory authorities. The maximum threshold set by European Union regulation for the exemption of bacteria presence in raw meat dog food is 5,000 bacteria per gram.

Moreover, the researchers observed that various bacteria that are banned by the European Union Regulations were found in few samples. For instance, Salmonella bacteria were found in four samples and Campylobacter was found in three. Most of the species found in the samples are known to pass from animals to humans and cause infections.

Daniella Dos Santos, from the British Veterinary Association, said: “Pet owners who choose to feed a raw food diet should be aware of the potential health risks and take full precautions while storing and handling the food. We would advise any owner wanting to try a raw meat-based diet for their pet to first consult a veterinary surgeon.”

We would suggest that dog owners should take extra care while feeding raw-meat to their dogs. Also, dogs exposed to infants and elderly must be kept away from raw-meat food.