2020 Olympics To Witness Japan Manufactured Robots

2020 Olympics To Witness Japan Manufactured Robots

Organizers of the 2020 Olympics Tokyo, unveiled two robots and an exo-skeleton to help attendants and workers at the international event.

Organizers of the 2020 Olympics unveiled two robots and an exoskeleton powered by batteries to undertake duties at the international event thereby, helping the workers and the attendants. The Toyota manufactured robots will guide people to their seats, convey crucial information and carry eatables for the attendees.

The Human Support Robot (HSR) is fitted with a built-in arm which will help carry trays and eatables whereas, the Delivery Support Robot (DSR) resembles a waste-bin but is capable to carry things around. The international event will witness around twenty robots to make work easier and the organizers particularly believe that these can be useful to accompany the wheelchair users. Minoru Yamauchi, Toyota general manager said, “In the Tokyo Olympics, there will be many guests in wheelchairs and we would like them enjoy the games without worrying about their mobility.” The exoskeleton designed by Panasonic will also be in use. These Power Assist Suits will be        attired by the workers to ensure that they are capable to lift and carry heavy baggage items. The suits will be required by the workers at the airports and other related venues thus, will not be seen at the core event. Panasonic has claimed that the suit can increase the workers ability and efficiency by 20 percent for loading and unloading heavy objects.

Toyota has asserted that the robots will hit the markets by 2030 thus, helping people in their daily lives and routine activities. Such international events are huge opportunities for developed countries to showcase their technological advancement. Japan in no small measure has completely taken advantage of this international event to display its human resource output. In 1964, when the country hosted Olympics, Japan unveiled its iconic bullet train.